Mangalam Tanks & Pipes

Eco Friendly Water Storage Tank

Water is susceptible to a number of ambient negative influences, including bacteria, viruses, algae, change in pH and accumulation of minerals accumulated gas. A design of water tanks or container should not cause any harm to the water.

The main objectives in design of MANGALAM water tanks are to provide safe drinkable water after storing for a long time, optimizing cost strength, service life. The other objectives are to maintain pH of the water and to prevent the growth of the microorganism.

Double Layer Water Storage Tank

These plastic water storage tanks have two layers of plastic. First is the outermost layer which is black in color and the second layer is the colored layer for visibility. These are the most economical layered tank for healthy use of water. The inner layer is made up of plastic of food grade standard. As the water stays in contact with the innermost layer of any tank, the superior quality of plastic makes the water free of any harmful chemical or pathogen. The outer layer is made up of the ultraviolet blocking material, and as the name suggests, it blocks the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays to penetrate and influence the properties of the stored water.

The tank is made through the roto-molding process, which ensures a newly uniform cross-section of every layer and also the continuity of both layers in the tank.


Three Layer Water Storage Tank

MANGALAM water storage tanks are made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). The triple layer water tank resin used has high ESCR (Environmental stress crack resistance). ESCR enables the tank to have maximum possible life, resistant to fungus and bacterial growth and it’s hygienic and suitable for potable water. Inner layer is made from 100% virgin Food grade material which ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the tank & is completely safe for drinking water. Middle layer is insulation which reduces the heating of the water, maintaining a difference of 20 degrees in compare to black tanks. Outer layer is premier white colour.

Four Layer Foam Filled Tank

When LLDPE water storage tank is installed on rooftops, the stored water in it gets excessively heated during summer making it inconvenient to use. To overcome this problem, we have introduced foam-filled four-layered water storage tanks. Foam-filled between two linear layers on both outside & inside and a black layer prevents transmission of heat being a non-conductor and thereby ensuring a variation in the stored water temperature from that of the atmosphere. It keeps water cool in hot summer & pleasantly warm water in cold winter. Moreover, the unique LLDPE tank has an aesthetically superior finish that matches beautifully to the elevation of any place where it is kept.


Five Layer Foam Filled Tank

Our new product in this segment, Foam filled with other four-layer outside & inside prevents transmission of heat being a non-conductor and thereby ensuring a variation in the stored water temperature from that of the atmosphere. They are the best and super quality tanks with the highest strength and longest durability. They are the costliest of all mentioned above but it is worth spending on these tanks because of their superior most quality.

“Multi-layered tanks offer the best protection against environmental stress”

Loft Tank

These plastic loft white tanks with capacities ranging from 200 to 500 liters are largely used in household kitchens, hotels, and industrial units (mostly for indoor use). These tanks are highly suitable for indoor usage; they can be hoisted onto ledges. They find wide usage in storing drinking water in house boats and fishing boats, resistant to fungus and bacterial growth. It is hygienic, versatile, easy to install, strong, durable and maintenance free.

We offer you a complete choice of products which also include Customized Water Storage Tank as per requirement of the consumer.