Mangalam Tanks & Pipes

UPVC Plumbing Pipes & Fittings

As per ASTM D 1785 Schedule 40, 80 and 120 pipes & ASTM D 2467, Schedule 80(fittings)

MANGALAM plumbing pipes are easy & economical product for distribution of water in residential, commercial & Industrial Buildings with many advantages over the conventional piping system, offers a maintenance free solution for a longer & non-rusting and corrosion service life. These are widely used for the transportation and distribution of potable water. It is technically superior, cost effective and ensures uninterrupted flow of water from overhead/underground tanks to toilet blocks, kitchen sinks, or any other utility.These are available in ½ inch to 2 inches in case of both pipes and fittings.

MANGALAM plumbing pipes are available in 3meter and 6 meters in length with or without thread in blue and white colors. Various fabricated fittings such as reducing socket, FTA and MTA are also available. These pipes have a smoother inner surface which reduces friction, resulting in better flow of water.

UPVC Pressure Pipes (Agricultural Pipes)

As per IS 4985 MANGALAM pressure pipes find their application in the water supply to deliver water for irrigation. It can also be used in drainage & sewage lines. It is available in 3meter and 6meter length. These pressure pipes are widely being used for long water supply lines to deliver water to agricultural fields.


HDPE Pipes for Water Transportation

MANGALAM HDPE pipes are manufactured from 100% virgin pipe grade raw materials (PE63, PE 80& PE 100). These pipes have superior hydrostatic strength and durability for long life and are abrasion resistant, corrosion & chemical resistant and inert to most acidic & alkaline solutions. These pipes have smooth inside wall that minimizes friction loses.

These HDPE pipes are non-toxic safe for potable water and do not support microbial growth, it is widely used for irrigation, water rising mains, potable water supply, house service connections etc.

UPVC SWR Pipes and Fittings

As per IS 13593(Pipes) MANGALAM introduces a unique range of SWR pipes & fittings manufactured from world class UV stabilized PVC compounds for trouble free performance. This special compound protects the SWR from deterioration due to the photochemical reaction of UV radiation when expose of to sunlight. MANGALAM SWR pipes and fittings have been designed for efficient collection and transportation of sewage generated in a building until disposed to the nearest sewer.

These SWR pipes and fittings are available in 63mm&110mm.


UPVC Electrical Pipe (Conduit Pipe)

MANGALAM rigid PVC pipes are manufactured with the latest technology. As compared to conventional G.I/C.I pipes, MANGALAM PVC pipes have certain benefits which are started below non-corrosive and immune to galvanic or electrolyte erosion. This pipe has low thermal conductivity, maintains the uniform temperature in transporting fluids and provides good mechanical protection for inside cables. As compared to metal or steel conduit pipes, it is much lighter in weight, therefore easy to install and cost of installation is also very less. Fire -resistant / self-extinguishing.

These electrical pipes can be used in electrical fittings both underground and above ground.