Mangalam Tanks & Pipes

Vertical Cylindrical Dustbins

MANGALAM the pioneer in plastic products has introduced “state of the art” high tech ROTO molded dustbins. These dustbins are environmental friendly, durable, hygienic, user-friendly and resistant to UV radiation. We have designed the products for both indoors and outdoors, each with the strength to match their use. For easy handling and disposal of large waste, we also offer dustbin stand as per need. These bins come with removable lids and wide openings and can be tilted for easy waste disposal. Our trash bins are efficient, easy to maintain, durable and can be procured at affordable prices. Normally they have usage in public place like mall, parks, hotels, also used in industries, airports, commercial complexes, residential areas etc. Our mission is that we should do our best to make our country green and clean, and for this one should do his/her duty with honesty.

Toss your trash in style with our designer Dustbins

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